We won the realtor lottery with Craig Carlson!


My husband and I were in the market for our dream home in the mountains, and had worked with a couple of other realtors when we were directed to Craig. He spent the next 7 years (yes, really, 7) hosting and shuttling us in WNC from East Tennessee to Sparta to Asheville.
We had several contracts that fell through at the last minute, through not fault of Craig’s, including a seller no-show at closing – TWICE! He hung in there with us through all the trials and tribulations of our sometimes heartbreaking journey. We gave up on several occasions, but would lick our wounds and call him back. Craig never gave up on us and would jump right back in there lining up houses for us to see. We often spent entire weekends looking at homes, and he never once pressured us to purchase a house out of our comfort zone.
On one occasion, we drove up from Raleigh the weekend a snow storm came through. Craig never blinked, put the chains on the truck and off we went.
Craig suffered through disappointments with us and celebrated our final success in spring of 2018. Our mountain home was finally a reality thanks to Craig, his diligence and patience.
Over the years, during those weekend long house hunts, we came to know Craig pretty well. Not only is he an exceptional real estate agent, astute in the legal aspects of real estate and a superb negotiator, he is an exceptional person as well; honest, patient and kind, a great family man and a valued friend.
We gladly recommend Craig to any and all comers. Soon, you too will realize you’ve won the realtor lottery when working with Craig Carlson!!