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Whether you are looking for a unique mountain retreat, a home to retire, a residence in a beautiful and dynamic town or a place to invest money during difficult economic times, Blowing Rock Investment Properties professional MLS Realtors can help!

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We are eager to work with you in finding the ideal Blowing Rock or NC Mountain Real Estate Property for you.

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Guaranteed to find you the best investment property in Blowing Rock NC and the surrounding
areas in the High Country.

Guaranteed to find you the best investment property in Blowing Rock NC and the surrounding
areas in the High Country.Blowing Rock Investment Properties

High Country

Cabin Rentals

Senior Services

Clean-Up Specialists

If you need help removing years of accumulated possessions, our clean-up partners can help dispose of unwanted items. They’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Elder Law and Closing Attorneys

Our partnership with the oldest elder care law firm in North Carolina connects seniors and their families with experts on estate planning and administration, trust and guardianship, special needs trust, domestic relations, real estate law and more.

Handyman Services

If your home is in need of light maintenance or major repairs, Allen Tate Home Services can connect you with trusted, licensed service professionals who will help prepare your home for the marketplace.

Home Sale Assistance

We’ll connect you with experienced real estate agents who are specially trained and interested in the unique needs of the senior population. We’ll help make the sale of your home a smooth and pleasant process.

Home Staging

Your home reflects your personal tastes and preferences. While that’s what makes it special, it may not be what others prefer. Let us help you stage your home to create a look that sells, even in the toughest of markets.

Household Goods Moving Services

We’ll help arrange for packing, storage and transportation of your personal and household belongings to your new senior living facility through one of our reliable, excellence moving partners.

Mortgage, Insurance and Home Warranty

One-stop shop for real-estate related services. We can refer you to our preferred vendor list of mortgage brokers, insurance companies, home inspectors, and home warranty specialists as you plan your transition.

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