Thinking About Selling Your Property?

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We at Blowing Rock Investment Properties know that listing your property on the market can be a stressful time. It’s precisely why we’ve developed a new, highly effective marketing strategy over the past year, to put our clients at ease. Our team of specialized agents have since used this strategy, in addition to our normal suite of client services, to help generate over $55 Million in property sales during 2015 alone! In fact, our exclusive agents have generated more sales per capita than any of the other “Top 3” real estate agencies in the High Country (including ourselves) for 2015.


What is our secret you may ask?

To start, given our enormous and continuing success, it should come as no surprise that we have been specifically selected to partner with the one of the most prestigious international real estate titans in the business: Leading Real Estate Companies of The World. Our partnership with Leading R.E. affords us the ability to have our website featured amongst a unique world wide audience of luxury home buyers; our clients LOVE the exposure and we are honored to provide it to them!




Not only do we support a full suite of strong foundational services, and an exceptional partnership with Leading R.E., but we are most proud to introduce a hard working team of internal marketing specialists, who range in experience from traditional marketing to online advertising and social media.



Many firms entirely outsource what small advertising efforts they do provide, to third party companies unfamiliar with the local real estate climate. This strategy leads to generic, mundane, and uninspired campaigns which produce minimal results.




Everyday, the real estate industry continues to move closer and closer towards becoming an entirely digital based user experience for potential home buyers and therefore; we recognize it is of the utmost importance to transfer the benefits of our online marketing expertise directly to our clients. As an additional vow of our commitment to you, we maintain a robust advertising budget in order to continue to bring the buyers right to your property’s online listing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our efforts include: managing creative and unique advertising campaigns placed on a multitude of top searched websites, injecting lead generating strategies with market data analytics, targeting prospects with a surgical level of accuracy and much, much more.




We are also well aware that our listing clients want prospective buyers to have quick and easy access to the necessary information regarding their home, which is why we have integrated an advanced property search platform, providing users with an instant connection to all properties on the market in the High Country at the simple click of a mouse.




If you are interested in learning more about listing your property with Blowing Rock Investment Properties’ full service real estate team, or want to receive a free market analysis of your property, please fill out the form below and one of our qualified agents will contact you as soon as possible





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