The Importance Of Modern Marketing Strategies: How Listing Under The Wrong Agency Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars On The Sale Of Your Property

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    TOPIC OVERVIEW: In this entry, we’ll use statistical data and real world examples to take an in-depth look at just how critical it has become in the digital era for agencies to employ relevant and effective marketing strategies to aid in the sale of a client’s property. When the day comes for you to list your next home or commercial building, you will be able to …

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The Key Differences Between An Active And A Passive Broker

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  As far as we’re concerned, there’s two types of real estate agents in this business, and we’ve come up with a simple way to classify them. Keep in mind, these are our own terms and definitions, but feel free to apply them as you wish. First, you have your “passive brokers”. A passive broker makes the chief of their …

Thinking About Real Estate Investing? Why Not Blowing Rock?

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What Blowing Rock Has To Offer Easy driving distance from three airports, Blowing Rock sits high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Named after the Flying Indian Legend, Blowing Rock has become home to many who find the quiet mountain valley a wonderful place to vacation and live full time. Local amenities give residents and visitors access to …